Pain Management

Groundbreaking Approach to Easing Pain

For people in need of hospice, persistent pain is all too common. The severity of the pain – coupled with side effects of pain medications – can have a profound impact on a patient’s quality of life and the time he or she has remaining.

That’s why the ability to manage pain is vitally important, and no one does this better than ViaQuest. We are the only hospice in Ohio that takes the guesswork out of pain management.

Our exclusive, innovative program relies on a simple test to determine the best pain medications based on a patient’s genetic makeup, condition and environmental factors.

Our program is a form of personalized medicine provided in partnership with PGXL Laboratories, a Louisville, Ky., company that is an international pioneer in pharmacogenetic testing for clinical use and the first laboratory in the U.S. to be CLIA-certified to conduct pharmacogenetic tests.

Improving Quality of Life

ViaQuest’s personalized medicine program benefits hospice patients and their loved ones because it:

• Arms physicians with valuable genetic information, enabling them to determine the best medications to meet individual patient needs.
• Ensures patients receive the correct medication with the correct dosages, preventing unnecessary side effects that can alter alertness and pose safety risks.
• Provides more opportunities for quality time with loved ones.

How It Works

• Simple mouth swab is taken for genetic panel screening
• Test results provided to patient’s physician to decide best medication approach
• All ViaQuest Hospice patients who want to have the test will receive it

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