About us

Established in 1999, our name, ViaQuest, represents the overall mission of the company: a group of people on a mission (or Quest) to change the way (Via) healthcare services are delivered.

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About us

Established in 1999, our name, ViaQuest, represents the overall mission of the company: a group of people on a mission (or Quest) to change the way (Via) healthcare services are delivered.

Our mission is to serve.


by providing services that make a difference in their lives.


by treating them with dignity and respect while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.


by doing the right thing and giving back.

ViaQuest Hospice Team Members

Our story

We created ViaQuest Hospice to make a difference – a difference in every life touched by serious illness. We set out to redefine hospice care, encompassing not just the medical, but also the emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions of each person. We bring a very special kind of care into your life and the lives of those you love.

Our values

The Concept of CHOICE defines everything we do at ViaQuest Hospice.


Customer Service

We anticipate the needs of all our internal and external customers and provide solutions at the right time, in the right place with the right attitude.



We take our work seriously but have fun while doing it!
Laughter heals.



Everyone makes a difference. We are proud of the passion we put into what we do.



We are genuine and honest about who we are. We do what we say we will do.



We are problem solvers. We are always looking for new ways to approach challenges. We provide unique solutions.



We will do whatever it takes to provide the highest level of care to the individuals we serve.

ViaQuest foundation

Operating with Your Support

The ViaQuest Foundation is a non-profit organization. We depend on financial support from businesses, congregations, and individual donors so we can continue to offer essential programs to our communities. Your generosity makes it possible for us to reach more people and provide them with opportunities for healthy living, wellness education, spiritual care and meaningful relationships. We are truly grateful for your generosity. See below for the available opportunities for giving.

Ways to Give

Providing Hospice Services for Military Veterans

We recognize the unique needs of America’s veterans and their families and acknowledge their services with sincere gratitude. We feel honored to be able to serve veterans, reservists, and military family members with life-limiting illnesses through our tailored hospice services.

A Woman Holding USA Flag - ViaQuest Hospice

The Goals of Our Veteran Hospice Programs

Our programs are designed to honor, thank and support our veterans who are in hospice care. Whether you’re seeking services for yourself or a loved one, we work hard to ensure the utmost dignity and comfort at end of life, enabling you to focus on spending meaningful, quality time with one another.

We Honor Veterans

We believe that every veteran deserves to be celebrated for the hero that they are, and our We Honor Veterans program enables us to do just that. Through this unique veteran and military hospice care initiative, hospice staff members host pinning ceremonies, which serve to acknowledge and thank our veterans for their sacrifices. These celebrations also provide an opportunity for our veterans to share their heroic stories with family and friends.

Meet our company leadership.

The Executive Team at ViaQuest is united in our commitment to provide industry-leading services to those we serve. Our foremost focus is to chart the course for the company by exemplifying our core values.

Rich Johnson - Team Member - ViaQuest Hospice

Rich Johnson

President & CEO

Emily Stickley - Team Member - ViaQuest Hospice

Emily Stickley

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Bell - Team Member - ViaQuest Hospice

Michael Bell

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Kagy - Team Member - ViaQuest Hospice

Matt Kagy

Vice President of Human Resources

Cindy Curry

Vice President of Hospice

Understanding hospice care: Is it right for you or your loved one?

We understand that considering hospice care can be a difficult decision. This quiz is designed to provide information and support, helping you make an informed choice for yourself or your loved one.

PayPal Donation

You can support the ViaQuest Foundation any time with a donation via a PayPal Donation. If you would like your gift to be in memory, support or recognition of someone, please add their name to the comments section of the donation form. Their legacy will live on through your generous contribution. Donations can also be made to recognize an employee or volunteer who made an impact with their excellent service. We will notify the individual of the contribution made in their honor, and they will be highlighted in the monthly newsletter.

Kroger Community Rewards Program

Register your Kroger Plus card and then link it to the ViaQuest Foundation. You may need to sign up online at Kroger first. After signing in to Kroger online, click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information and input your Kroger Plus card number.

Enter NPO number (23522) or search for ViaQuest Foundation, select the Foundation from the list and click on confirm.

Then easily swipe your Kroger Plus card or use the phone number that is related to your registered Kroger Plus card when shopping for each purchase to count.

Mail a Check

You may send a check directly to the ViaQuest Foundation at:

The ViaQuest Foundation
525 Metro Place North, Suite 300
Dublin, OH 43017

Make checks payable to the ViaQuest Foundation. If you would like your gift to go toward a specific program – like the wellness ministry, hospice or veteran services – please include a note with the check that specifies the specific program you’d like to target for your donation.

Gifts in Kind

Our diverse programs and classes allow us to meet the unique needs of the community. We welcome donations of all kinds at ViaQuest, and can creatively use inventory, supplies and resources to bless the lives of others. Corporations and individuals can also donate their time and talents to ViaQuest by teaching a community class, participating in community outreach or getting involved in any of our other volunteer opportunities! For more information on our current needs, contact us at viaquestwellness@viaquestinc.com.

About Rich Johnson

Rich Johnson is the CEO and founder of ViaQuest. He spends most of his time setting the strategic vision for the organization and cultivating the fanatical passion for company culture. ViaQuest is all about people, so Rich feels his most important contribution is creating an organization based on sound values where the best people in the field come to work. Rich is personally known for his sense of humor, unbridled energy, and passion for the company.

Prior to founding ViaQuest, Rich spent the early years of his career with a Regional CPA firm consulting in the health care industry and later joined a multi-state health care organization where he held various positions including Vice President of Development, Chief Financial Officer and President. Rich received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Capital University and is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

About Emily Stickley

Emily Stickley is the Chief Operating Officer for ViaQuest. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the company and ensuring that all of the systems, resources, and people are in place to achieve the goals of the company. Emily is a focused leader with 13+ years of experience at ViaQuest. She has a history of success and is a visionary with a track record for finding innovative ways to grow the business lines here at ViaQuest.

Emily is also responsible for human resources with the oversight of all benefits and compensation functions, as well as policy development and employee relations for all ViaQuest divisions. Emily recognizes how essential the components of hiring qualified employees, training, employee recognition and retention are to providing excellent services to consumers. She feels that human resources is critical in the development of a healthy employee culture — few departments come in contact with so many employees on such a regular basis.

Emily received her Bachelor of Science in Business with dual majors in Human Resources Management and Business Management from Indiana University.

About Michael Bell

Michael Bell is the Chief Financial Officer at ViaQuest. He works closely with the financial team and business line executives analyzing performance data to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies. He also oversees all major company initiatives as the project manager to ensure timely completion, facilitate communication, evaluate outcomes, and adjust processes as needed. In the ever changing landscape of healthcare, Michael understands the importance of making data-driven decisions to produce the best business, clinical, and service outcomes for all of the individuals ViaQuest serves.

Michael earned his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University, Masters of Science in Structural Engineering from Stanford University, and his Doctorate in Structural Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.

About Matt Kagy

Matt Kagy is the Vice President of Human Resources for ViaQuest.  He is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources.  Matt is an energetic and versatile leader with experience in multiple industries including automotive, manufacturing, retail, and most recently, health care.  Matt truly enjoys working with employees at all levels within the organization.  He enjoys team building and embraces a positive and optimistic attitude.

Matt received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Bowling Green State University.  Matt also maintains a HR Certification as a SHRM certified professional.

About Cindy Curry BBA, RN

Cindy Curry is the Vice President of Hospice. With over 20 years of dedicated experience in hospice care, Cindy brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and business acumen to her role as Vice President of Hospice. As a registered nurse (RN) holding a bachelor’s degree in business, she combines her passion for patient care with a solid understanding of organizational management. Throughout her career, Cindy has served on various boards and committees within the healthcare sector, including the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), where she has contributed to shaping industry standards and best practices. Her commitment to excellence in end-of-life care is evident in her leadership approach, where she prioritizes collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Together with her dedicated team, Cindy is honored to uphold the highest standards of compassionate support for individuals and families during their most challenging times.

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